Is Reading really difficult?

Is reading really that  difficult? This question pops up in my mind every time I procrastinate about reading . Before I get started with this topic, I will like to thank you for stopping by. If you are reading this, then somehow you love reading and that’s a great thing.

Reading is a  great challenge to many people in this generation(Atleast from what I see in Cameroon) Often, people have a bunch of things to do that they just don’t find the time to read. Sometimes they do not even see the need to when they have lots of other interesting stuff going on around them. Reading is a great way of learning about things you couldn’t otherwise have known. Reading a book irrespective of the genre is equally a great way  to learn new words and improve on your vocabulary.

I believe that the many forms of entertainment around us and sheer laziness contribute greatly to discouraging us from reading. People ask themselves questions like “How can I sit down to read when I have so many things to do?

Let me talk about my personal experience with reading. In secondary and high school, I loved reading so much that I will finish a 300 page book in less than a day. I remember reading lots of novels on adventure, suspense, romance and a lot others. I was always excited about reading books and moving on to others. I believe that one of the primary reasons why I was able to do this was because I had no other form of entertainment and because the distractions were very limited.

Fast Forward to a few years later during my university days, it was almost impossible for me to finish a 100 page book in a month. I always found myself so busy with lots of things that I will never find the time to read. When I was able to pick up a book to read, I will either doze off or get distracted with a movie or TV show. I was so worried that I wasn’t reading as much as I should but I wasn’t making any efforts to read more. I felt really frustrated because I knew and understood the benefits of reading but I just wasn’t ready to commit my time to it.

Eventually, I tried to figure out what way to get the reading habit back in me. I  started by promising myself that I will read at least a page of a book every day (this didn’t include school handouts or notes) This seemed quite tough for me to accomplish because I was always missing out. Again, I made a second promise  that I will read at least One book in a month. This worked out quite well for the first few months but I later abandoned it.

I knew I was failing myself again but I didn’t care anymore. I kept asking myself..Why is Reading so difficult?  I later realised that during the times I read, I wrote better and spoke better than when I didn’t read. I told myself I  had to get back to reading. I started forcing myself to read often and this soon became a habit and later became a hobby. (I’m still struggling with it though).

Very often we are so consumed by the many activities going on around us that we ignore reading. Many youths are so lazy to read. To some, reading is a tiring process. The reading culture is so absent in Cameroon in particular that you will hardly find youths occupying themselves with a book (except for school handouts and text books)

Taking Social media Platforms like Facebook for example, people are more eager to click the “like” button than they are to read a post (especially if it is a long post.) In some WhatsApp group chats ,  I notice that whenever someone sends a long post, not many people actually read that post. Some group members will either complain that the post is long or will just ignore the post. Others sometimes go back to read when an interesting comment has been made in relation to the post (I am sometimes guilty of this too). There is even a Social Media Meme with  “Too Long”  written on it. Most people use these accross social media Platforms whenever they encounter long posts and do not want to read. Now my worry is, Do people refuse to read because they are busy or simply because they do not want to engage in the reading activity? Well you can ask yourself that question. I can bet that there are many people who will visit this blog and won’t even read to this point. CONGRATULATIONS if you made it to this point.

Take home tips

To make this post short enough for both those who love reading and those who do not, I will leave the following tips

1. Make reading a habit by reading at least a page of your favourite book or a page of any book everyday. Make reading a part of your daily schedule just like you  will with bathing, praying, workout etc…..It will soon become a habit.

2. Never hurry to finish a book. Take your time to savor the contents of the book and you will realise that you will long for more.

3. Try reading a variety of book genres. This will enable you determine which are you best and you can compare writing styles.

4. Take advantage of the rich vocabulary some books have by learning new words and phrases and using them in your daily communication.

5. Try writing too. Reading will build your knowledge and this can inspire you to write something that others can read too.

6. I know this is hard to do but if you really want to read, get rid of any distractions while you are at it. Things like your smart phone and your TV should be put aside. This will let you dedicate whatever time you allocated for reading just for reading.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through.I hope today day isn’t your last day on my blog. Keep coming back for more…Cheers. 😙



The Power of Positive Thinking(Tips for a happier life)

Thinking positive appears to be  so difficult for most people to do. If only we could realise that positive thinking can lead to positive outcomes, then will we train our minds to be positive.

The general believe is that Opposites attract but this isn’t the case with issues relating to the spirit. In this case, Like attracts like; In other words Positive thoughts will attract positive outcomes.

As part of human nature, we tend to worry a lot about some of the bad/negative  things that happen to us or around us. Humans have a predisposition to negativity. Very often, we think that these things will only have negative consequences for us now or in the near future. Such thoughts lead to worrying, stress, sadness, anger, disappointment and even sickness(yes too many negative thoughts can be harmful to your health) . If you look around you, you will realise that bad news stays with us but good news expires after some time. This basically means that we tend to focus more on negativity than we do on positivity.

How then can we train our minds to think positive and what benefits can positive thinking bring to us? I sometimes wish there was some button we could just turn on and off when we need our minds to think right(thinking negative is thinking wrong). However, this isn’t the case. We need to be consious of what we allow our minds to think about.

I wouldn’t say I’m the most positive thinking person but one thing I can say is I have trained my mind to think positive despite what I may be facing. As a christian, I trust God and will always believe that things will become better . Whether or not you are a christian, what your mind thinks can impact the way you live and the way you perceive things. Thinking positive or negative can affect your mood or your overall performance in anything you do. Our minds have such a great grip on us than we can imagine. There is this popular saying ” You are what you think” . This is true because everything that we can execute in this life always starts from a thought. Taming your thoughts to think positive will in general affect your life positively.

Positive thoughts help  transform your life into becoming a confident person. Positive thinkers are confident people and are perceived as strong people. Positive thinkers are generally considered happy people. They are happy because instead of worrying over their problems or the negative things around them, they focus on ways they can solve these problems. Above all, they believe that things will change in due time and so get to work. When your mind is filled with a picture of you succeeding despite the challenges you face, you will realise that you will be much happier in life.

I have struggled with this personally and sometimes I find it difficult to hold that positive mental picture of myself. However,when I try to get rid of any obstacles that could be stopping me from thinking positively, I realise that I am much happier and less stressed. Give that a try!!


“Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding. Hold this picture tenaciously. Never permit it to fade. Your mind will seek to develop the picture… Do not build up obstacles in your imagination..” Norman Vincent Peale The Power of Positive Thinking

If I am asked to say if there is a particular formula to a happy life, I will say that Positive thinking is a one of the things you need. You can be the most successful amongst your peers but if your thoughts are not always positive, you will realise that you are not completely happy. I’m not saying you should fold your arms at home and not work and just think that things will get better for you or that you will achieve your dreams just by thinking positive. Positive thoughts must be accompanied by hard work and vice versa.

“The way to happiness: Keep your heart free from hate, your mind from worry. Live simply, expect little, give much. Scatter sunshine, forget self, think of others. Try this for a week and you will be surprised.” Norman Vincent Peale  The Power of Positive Thinking



I understand that the challenges of life can sometimes force us to start thinking negatively but the consequences of this can be evaded if you try to be more positive. Here are a few take home tips that you should remember and that can greatly change the way you think.

Stay Calm Always. When faced with bad or negative situations, it is important to stay calm , take deep breaths aand relax. This gives your mind the balance it needs and can give room for positive thoughts.

Be kind to others. Kindness they say is contagious. This is true because when you are always kinmd to people, they will feel like they owe you kindness too and as such will reciprocate this kindness. A kind person attracts positivity and builds positive thoughts.

Drinking enough water . Yes i said that.  Drink enough water to keep your body hydrated and to avoid headaches. This will help with your general body functioning and will help with positive thoughts. It is important for you to pamper yourself. Eat healthy meals, exercise, hang out with loved ones and do just about any thing that you love doing. Don’t starve yourself from the things that make you happy. A happy man is a positive thinking man.

Be your Biggest Fan. You need to look yourself in the mirror everyday as many times as you can and tell yourself that you are beautiful, amazing ,talented, intelligent, awesome. If you do not have any one telling you any of these, spend time telling yourself . The more you say it, the more you believe it and the more it becomes your reality.

Be thankful. Being thankful is something many people fail to do. It’s almost impossible to be thankful when negative things happen to you. Being thankful entails looking at the positive things that have happened to you before, looking at your loved ones, looking at what you own and being thankful. When you are thankful for the positive things in your life, you will handle the negative better and will not see them as anything worth worrying about.

Train and tame your mind to always be positive. Make positive thinking a lifestyle, and before you know it, your life would have changed for the better and you will lead a much happier life. Try changing your thoughts from saying negative words when something bad happens to you to saying positive words.

For example , instead of saying “This is really bad” or crying “why me?” when something happens to you, try using positive words like “I know I can handle this” or I need to see what to do next” This will soon be a habit and finally a lifestyle.

Human Hair-The latest trend for young girls.

Plaiting of hair using human hair has become the latest trend for most molyko girls now. Girls can be seen moving around with various types and lengths of human hair. These hairs range from 5000frs to about 150,000frs depending on the kind used.some of the most common and expensive ones are the brazillian hair and the indian hair which are seen with most girls.some of these girls have different reasons for putting these hairs.while others think it makes them look Classy and beautiful, others think it has a nice feel and can be used several times.

Chia rosaline a 400 leels student reading Banking and Finance in the University of Buea thinks putting Brazillian hair and indian hair makes you look beautiful and classy. To her the synthetic hair looks normal and can  be afforded by anyone but the brazillian hair is more expensive and gives her the feeling that she is fashionable and different. she adds that she enjoys buying this hair because she can use it several times and it will still look as beautiful as it was when it was new unlike the synthetic which if reused it looks ugly and unattractive

While others think putting expensive hair is the order of the day, some others think otherwise.Manju Evel a 300 level student reading law in the university of Buea thinks human hair is too expensive to be used by students.To her the right time to put such hairis when you are working and know how it feels to use such an amount on hair.She adds that most girls who put this expensive hair get the money from the wrong sources and believe they cant put any other hair but human hair on their heads.

Human hair although loved and adored by girls and detested by  others remains a growing fashion trend as more and more girls are seen with it everyday.


Double Academia

The search for better opportunities in the job market and more qualifications have forced many students to involve themselves in two or more academic institutions at  the same time.

Nowadays, it is very common to find students studying in two institutions.Very often these students offer similar courses in both schools or two completely different courses.however, these students very  have different reasons for enrolling in two learning institution.Some do so because they are forced by their parents while others think it is essential.

Bouga Tina a 200 level student in the University of Buea and a second year student in Acca says she chose to enroll in two institutions at the same time because she wants to have a diplomat in  Accounting and degree in Economics so as to increase her chances of getting a good job when she graduates.She however adds that the work is tedious as she very often experience clashes in timetable and so has to fore go other classes in order to attend others.

Another student Ernest Wanki has a different reason for being in two institutions.To him, he is in two institutions because he was supposed to graduate last year from the University of Buea in Accounting but decided not do so because of his low GPA  .He thus decided to come back and take many courses so as to improve on his GPA and at the same time enroll into Acca.To Ernest, the work is not tedious since he has already done the courses  in UB before and so has to concentrate more on the ACCA Courses.He adds that he hopes this will help him get a job quickly when he graduates.

Whatever the reason for being in two schools it is realized that a lot of hard work, determination and patience is needed in order to survive it.

Tattooing and piercing of the body

Tattooing and piercing of the body has become a common trend among students. Students as well as parents can be seen these days having tattoos and piercings on various parts of their bodies like the arm, the back, the chest, the leg to name but these. Most students feel tattoos make them look fashionable. Different designs are being used some of which they do not understand the meaning and implications. Others love the tattoo designs they see on actors and musicians and so decide to try them. But the question now why tattoos?

Talking to one of the students with a tattoo on her hand, she explains that her tattoo is some letters she randomly selected from the Chinese alphabet and so has no idea of what it means. She adds that she decided to put one because she enjoyed seeing it on others and so wanted to see how it will look on her. However she says she regrets putting the tattoo because some of her family members do not take it well and so feels bad that it will remain there forever.

While others feel tattoos are fashionable trends others think it is dishonorable and makes you look bad. Ateh Rosius a student of the University of Buea holds this view as he thinks people with tattoos present themselves badly to society. Tattooing your body according to him is a practice for people who have no respect for the temple of God.

Although tattooing of the body is good for others and not for some, tattoo makers think this business is lucrative as they get lots of people every day especially students. According to one of the tattoo makers in Molyko Buea, he gets a minimum of three students everyday who pay him at least 10000francs for their tattoos. To him tattoos are nice and decorative and he loves them.

Tattooing however could have a lot of negative effects on the bearer especially health wise as the use of the same needles and tattooing instruments from one person to another could cause certain infections such as HIV AIDS.


Graduation ceremony in Lycee Molyko

Form five and upper-sixth students of Lycee Molyko today June 15 2013, celebrate their graduation ceremony.This ceremony was under the distinguished patronage of the wife of the Governor of the South West region Mme Okali Nicole.The ceremony had as theme “success in the 21st century”
The students could been seen dressed beautifully in their black and white official wear as they joined the school community and their parents to celebrate this day.
The days activities was graced by the award of prices to meritorious students

Disability is not inability

All humans are equal irrespective of what they look like and what parts of their body they lack.Very often people think that people who are physically impaired are useless and cannot be productive in anything they do. This is not true as God has inbuilt in every human being natural talents.

These physically impaired persons  have natural talents and can involve themselves in several activities like every other person who is strong and upright. Some can draw,sing,play drums,write,and even dance to name but these.Very often,parents who have such children turn to treat them differently from their other kids by not allowing them to go to school or involve themselves in other extracurricular activities.It is important to know that these kids have so much in them that needs to be explored and this can only achieved through the help of their family and why not YOU.

I  recall during the long holiday in 2011 of   a retreat for families and children affected with disabilities in Bamenda. This event took place at the Government Technical High School Canada. I was student journalist on internship at CRTV Bamenda and so was sent to cover that event.I realized that the kids as well as adults there were so talented and I was thrilled.These children were so active in the retreat activities. They took part in sporting competitions,drama competitions,singing,dancing ,drumming and a lot more.One of the kids a girl of about 8 years old was the most exciting I saw.She had no hands but she used her feet to eat,take her bath and put on her clothes.This child proved that she could do a lot on her own though in such a condition.This actually proved that nothing was impossible to do when physically impaired.

God is no fool as he has reasons for everything. let us therefore help these wonderful creatures of God discover their potential worth by helping them discover their talents